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How to Bounce Back From a Political PR Mistake

There are two main types of PR disasters: the expected and the unexpected. To bounce back from a political PR mistake takes three principles – speed, transparency and personal accountability. Our experienced Las Vegas political marketing firm offers 3 tips on how to deal with a PR blunder.

As with many things in life, the best defense is a good offense, so being proactive is key. No matter what the disaster, getting out in front of what’s going on and seizing control of the issue is most important. In other words, don’t let the issue drive the news, don’t let it define you and put you on the defensive. If you hope to maintain the public’s confidence and keep their trust, it’s crucial you’re perceived as sincere. Being upfront will accomplish that.

1. Make it Quick

With all the possible PR mistakes that can be made, it helps to have a plan ahead of time that spells out how to deal with the most common ones. An experienced Las Vegas political marketing firm can help you identify potential PR disasters based on previous campaigns and experience. After a PR mistake occurs, your best strategy is to be quick to acknowledge it. Today, due to the speed of social media, waiting even an hour or two can see a simple mistake turn into a reputation-damaging disaster.

2. Be Transparent

Nothing breeds speculation like silence. From the moment the mistake is made, make the effort to be as transparent as possible. Complete openness means being available to honestly answer any questions the public and/or the press have. Don’t let journalists define your story – or have voters spread assumptions and gossip. It’s perfectly acceptable to say something along the lines of “I don’t know at this time,” but refusing to respond never looks good.

Don’t look or be uncooperative, or as if you have something to hide. Once people start saying you were unavailable for comment you’ll have to work twice as hard to win back their belief in your credibility. Ultimately it is about retaining people’s trust. If you don’t have their trust, you don’t have anything.

3. Accept Responsibility

The absolute worst thing you can do is run or hide from the truth. Your team should quickly assess the nature of the PR mistake. Deceptive behavior only compounds the initial misstep and further harms your reputation. Instead, present yourself as a responsible and rational person by making a sincere apology, when appropriate, acknowledging the mistake you’ve made. Don’t blame someone or something else. Keep in mind “the buck stops here.”

Self-criticism can be used effectively to convey to the public you understand and regret the mistake. Then it’s time to move on.

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Know What to Look for When Hiring a Political Media Consultant in Las Vegas

Finding your way onto the ballot is far from a simple feat, but now that you’ve decided to put a check box next to your name, how do you pave a path to election success (and beyond)?

To begin with, don’t go it alone.

You want to earn your constituents trust by showing them your share their interests and concerns on the issues that effect them every day. It may seem like running your campaign and managing your message development efforts is all part of your job as the candidate, but that’s simply not the case. Successful candidates need to hire someone who understands their strengths, knows the issues and understands how to convey that to the voters.

  • Using Their Experience.

    You don’t want to learn what’s successful and which strategies will cause failure the hard way. The right political media consultant in Las Vegas has had his or her hands on many campaigns. They can strategize for your success using the knowledge and experience they’ve gained throughout the years without leaving you flying blind.

  • Balancing Your Budget.

    Politics require a certain balance sheet savvy. A major function of your political media consultant in Las Vegas will be to help you project how much money you need to successfully run your campaign. They’ll bring focus to:

    • Fundraising.

      How much energy do you need to put into fundraising efforts to ensure your campaign has enough cushion to incur upcoming costs?

    • Spending.

      What are the constraints you need to apply to your spending to ensure you have proper allocation of your resources throughout your campaign?

  • Building Your Brand.

    Reputation and rapport are two essential ingredients in any successful political campaign, but neither are built overnight. Building your brand can be a costly endeavor, and many candidates fail to understand how to make budgets work in their favor. Professional political consultants will help you maximize your efforts in the most cost-effective manner.

    The right budget strategy will allocate funds to the areas which require the most attention because of their impact upon the voters and will help you avoid overspending in areas that may not be as beneficial.

Are you in search of a quality political media consultant in Las Vegas? Contact First Tuesday at (702) 362-5457, and let’s talk about how we can enhance your political experience.