First Tuesday Team

Your Las Vegas Political Consultants

Team Politics. It’s what First Tuesday is based upon. Expertise in all of the critical elements needed to build a successful campaign.

First Tuesday is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ campaign coordinator. It’s a team of veteran Nevada political consultants who have spent time in the trenches organizing, developing and implementing winning strategies.

Managing Team Member
 Steve Forsythe, Las Vegas Political Media Consultant

During the past 35 years, when it’s come to pulling together the pieces and parts to form a viable campaign, Steve Forsythe has been there to put the puzzle together and deliver a win.

Since 1982, Forsythe and his team have managed, developed and contributed to winning campaigns at all levels of government, including U.S. Senate and Congress, Governor and other state constitutional offices, state Senate and Assembly county commissions, city councils, ballot initiatives and more.

Forsythe has personally managed several successful races, including Clark County Commission, Nevada Lt. Governor, Las Vegas City Council, numerous state senate and assembly seats and more.

Team Member
Las Vegas Political Media Consultant Lisa Mayo

Nothing matters more than the right message about the issues, an opponent, the voters, a candidate. Nothing will bring a campaign down quicker than a bad message or poorly conceived brand positioning.

Lisa Mayo has spent almost over 25 years developing the right message for political candidates, elected officials, ballot initiatives, corporate executives and more. Through meticulous research, thorough analysis and just plain old hard work, Mayo has a keen ability to cut through the noise and go right to the heart of an issue and how it impacts the voters.

Mayo brings a steady hand to the development of the public persona of a candidate. Whether it is a media appearance, an endorsement interview or at the door of a prospective voter, a candidate working with Mayo can always count on being well prepared, well informed and ready for anything tossed their way.

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