Our Different Viewpoint

Our Commitment Doesn’t End the Day After the Election

It takes a team to plan, organize, execute, and win a political contest. Candidates aren’t expected to run a complete campaign by themselves.

Nor should they be expected to step into their new office without a team to support and help guide them.

At First Tuesday, we don’t believe that our responsibility to a successful candidate ends on election night. Our campaign team that helped win becomes the support team post-election.

Many consultants pat the candidate on the back and say “good job and call us in four years when you run for re-election.”

Or, in a matter of weeks, they’re knocking on the door, having switched hats from paid political consultant to paid political lobbyist.

Our commitment goes beyond the campaign.

SOUNDING BOARD – The First Tuesday team is available to provide advice, ideas and guidance, even an occasional opinion, if asked.

LEAN ON US – We’re here to help. Research, project development, community outreach…we support you and your staff. Look to us as an additional resource.

AN ISSUE IS STILL AN ISSUE – We helped you wade through the issues during the campaign.
Now that you’ve won, it’s time to do something about them.

ONCE A CANDIDATE – Always a candidate.
Stay connected and your constituents will stay loyal and connected to you. So while in office, it’s critical to continue to reach out to the voters.

Once First Tuesday is part of your campaign team, we’re on board for the duration.

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