What We Do

Political Marketing Agency in Las Vegas

While a political campaign may seem like a singular entity, it is actually many activities which, when properly combined, create, organize and execute a successful race

Candidates have to have a consultant they can trust, who will get their arms around the many tasks and embrace the complete management of the campaign in a timely and professional manner.

The First Tuesday team has first-hand, practical working experience in every facet of campaign management and provide it in a seamless, turnkey operation. With our political marketing agency in Las Vegas, you get over 50 years of campaign management and practical, everyday, hands-on knowledge in every aspect of executing a winning operation.

First Tuesday’s Experience Includes:

  • Campaign Management
  • Strategic Media Planning & Buying
  • Direct Mail Design & Production
  • Television & Radio Production
  • Campaign Graphics & Design
  • Social Media Stragic Planning & Execution
  • Web Site Design & Implementation
  • Voter ID & Targeting
  • Grassroots Planning & Strategy
  • Gotv Operations
  • Issue Development
  • Opposition Research
  • Polling
  • Fundraising Assistance

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