Why First Tuesday

If You’re Going to Win, Details Matter

If you’re going to win your race, surround yourself with a team that knows how to win… that has won… that has delivered victories at all levels of government.

First Tuesday, a political strategy consulting firm in Las Vegas, has won, from state government to city council, from county commission to judicial.

Most importantly, we’ve won with distinctive campaign strategy that delivers a message personalized to the candidate, the issues and the office. No canned television or radio spots, no web sites that look like every other candidates, no assembly-line direct mail.

Let our political strategy firm in Las Vegas help your campaign.

At First Tuesday, regardless of the office, we believe that a winning campaign is an individual campaign… a campaign that is based on the candidate… that begins with meticulous planning and preparation.

We start with the candidate. What they care about, what they want to accomplish, why they want to serve. What makes them special, different, unique.

Then it’s hard work. Attention to detail. Research and analysis. Message development.

Television, direct mail, social media, web sites are all important and critical to a campaign. But the road to get to them is paved with the small, significant steps of campaign preparation.

Contact our political strategists in Las Vegas today to get started on your campaign.